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OUR Bank Recommendations

There are usually two categories of banks: physical banks and digital banks.

Physical Banks

These banks are for the US residents. Non US residents should not go for this option as there are many requirements to open a bank account in a physical branch. The bank asks for your name, ID and SSN. These are the things that you cannot provide as a non-US resident. Sometimes you can get an ITIN as an alternate but a long procedure would be required for it.

Digital Banks

If you are a non-US resident, you should go for this option. For digital banking systems, we recommend these three: Wise, Payoneer and Mercury.


Wise is not a bank but a money service provider. If you frequently make, receive and transfer international payments, you should choose wise. It is secure, reliable and a user-friendly service provider.  It has a low fee and provides great customer service.


Payoneer is very reliable and helps you in dealing with multicurrency across the globally as well as locally. It aids you in growing your business across the world, you pay and get paid easily through this account. If your account is active, you do not even have to pay a monthly fee.


Mercury also do not have a monthly fee for the users. It can be really helpful for the non-US residents as no ITIN or SSN would be required. It is reliable and user friendly, also provides easy international money transfer. But there is a point to be kept in mind that it does not provide business services in all the countries.

Why should you open an LLC bank account?

After you form an LLC, you should try to open your LLC bank account as soon as possible. It will help you to protect your personal liability. As your LLC is different from your personal account, there should be a separate account for it as well. If you do not make a separate bank account for your LLC, it can pierce your private account. It would also be easier for you to manage both separately from each other. You can easily track your expenses. When you have different accounts, It will also help you to pay for your business expenses and your personal expenses separately.
Beware of the service providers that give you SSN by giving the details of a US resident in place of you. They provide it to you but is formed illegally and is not on your name. As it do not have your name or other details, it is not legal for you to use that SSN.

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