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Cost of an LLC by State

LLC cost by state

cost of an llc

Forming an LLC can be expensive but not always. We will let you know about the costs of setting up an LLC in each state and will assist you in saving your money in the process of forming an LLC. The following table shows the LLC fees by state (2023).

Initial LLC Filing Fee

By law, the state demands all business owners pay a state filing fee when they file the documents to form an LLC. In other words, you need to pay your state a one-time fee when you file your LLC documents. The legal documents required to form an LLC vary from state to state and are known as

  • Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Organization
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Annual Fee
  • Annual Report
  • Biennial Report
  • Annual Franchise Tax

Most states call the initial filing fee an LLC Articles of Organization.

Ongoing LLC Filing Fees (Annual/Biennial Reports)

Most states have an ongoing LLC filing fee which is paid after every 1 or 2 years, it helps in keeping your LLC in good compliance. This annual fee also has various names which vary by each state:

  • Annual Fee
  • Annual Report
  • Biennial Report
  • Annual Franchise Tax

If you file your LLC Annual report after the deadline, you have to pay a late fee. Some states might shut down your LLC if you do not pay it within time and do not pay heed to their warning.

LLC Cost by State (2023)

The filing fee for an LLC range from 35$ to 500$. By 2023, the average cost to form an LLC in the US is around 132$.

StateLLC Annual/Biennial Fee in $LLC Filing Fee in $
Alabama LLC50 minimum (Annual)200
Alaska LLC100 (Biennial)250
Arizona LLC0 (No fee and no information report)50
Arkansas LLC150 (Annual)45
California LLC800 (Annual) +20 (Biennial)70
Colorado LLC10 (Annual)50
Connecticut LLC80 (Annual)120
Delaware LLC300 (Annual)90
Florida LLC138.75 (Annual)125
Georgia LLA50 (Annual)100
Hawaii LLC15 (Annual)50
Idaho LLC0 (must file information report Annually)100
Illinois LLC75 (Annual)150
Indiana LLC31 (Biennial)95
Iowa LLC30 (Biennial)50
Kansas LLC50 (Annual)160
Kentucky LLC15 (Annual)40
Louisiana LLC35 (Annual)100
Maine LLC85 (Annual)175
Maryland LLC300 (Annual)100
Massachusetts LLC500 (Annual)500
Michigan LLC25 (Annual)50
Minnesota LLC0 (must file an information report Annually)155
Mississippi LLC0 (must file an information report Annually)50
Missouri LLC050
Montana LLC20 (Annual)70 35
Nebraska LLC13 (Biennial)105
Nevada LLC350 (Annual)425
New Hampshire LLC100 (Annual)100
New Jersey LLC75 (Annual)125
New Mexico LLC0 (No fee and no information report)50
New York LLC9 (Biennial)200
North Carolina LLC200 (Annual)125
North Dakota LLC50 (Annual)135
Ohio LLC0 (No fee and information report)99
Oklahoma LLC25 (Annual)100
Oregon LLC100 (Annual)100
Pennsylvania LLC70 (every 10 years)125
Rhode Island LLC50 (Annual)150
South Carolina LLC0 (No fee and no information report, unless LLC is taxed as an S-corp)110
South Dakota LLC50 (Annual)150
Tennessee LLC300 (Annual)300
Texas LLC0 for most LLCs (however a No tax due report and Public Information Report must be filed Annually)300
Utah LLC18 (Annual)54
Vermont LLC35 (Annual)125
Virginia LLC50 (Annual)100
Washington LLC60 (Annual)200
Washington DC LLC300 (Biennial)99
West Virginia LLC25 (Annual)100
Wisconsin LLC25 (Annual)130
Wyoming LLC60 minimum (Annually)100

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