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Time taken to get an LLC

The Time required for getting LLC

It is dependent on the following reasons:

  • The state where you create an LLC
  •  either you have get LLC online or by mail
  •  either you choose an expedited option (if available for your state)

LLC Processing Time is the time taken by your state for reviewing your LLC filing and then entering that in their system. This time varies from state to state. But generally, it starts once your documents are received by your state. The time until documents reach them or (after approval) you is not included in this time period.

LLC Approval Time is the total time to get your LLC approved, including the processing time and any transit time by the state,

LLC Approval Time; Mail Filings

The LLC approval time for mail filings includes:

  • The transit time taken until your documents get to the state
  • The time taken by the state to review and approve your documents
  • The transit time taken by the state to send your approved LLC back to you.

The transit time may take one week each time while the processing time depends on your state. If your state takes 3 weeks as processing time, then the total approval time can be about 5 to 6 weeks.

LLC Approval Time; Online Filings

Nowadays, most states take less time regarding online filings as compared to mail filings. The reason behind this is, you apply for LLC online and your documents reach your state immediately. Similarly, when your LLC is approved by the state, you can download your documents without wasting any time. Some states approve the online filed LLC within a week, some do it immediately and some may take up to a few weeks.

Expediting your LLC
To get your LLC approved faster, some states take extra charges. Normally the fees range from 25$ to 100$. But 20 states do not offer an expedition fee which means there is no way to get your LLC faster from these states. If your state approves an expedition, this is considered the fastest way to get your LLC approved. However, if your state already has a faster approval time, there is no need to pay extra expedited filing.

Cost of forming an LLC

LLC cost usually varies from state to state. It is between 40$ and 500$. Please click here to check the LLC cost details.

Steps to form an LLC
Following 6 steps are considered important to start an LLC

  • Search your LLC name
  • Choose your registered agent
  • File Articles of Organization with your state
  • Sign your LLC operating agreement
  • Get an EIN for your LLC
  • Open an LLC bank account

Whether you should hire an LLC filing service or not?

Hiring an LLC filing service does not mean you will get your LLC approved way earlier than usual. The filing companies also have to wait for your state to approve your LLC. It is not all about the work done faster rather it is about someone else doing your paperwork on your behalf. The companies take care of your documents and you do not have to worry about how it would be done. They file it correctly for the sake of helping you. If you want to hire someone to help you in filing your documents and to form your LLC, you can get our services. Please check out our website The Alpha Commerce for more information.

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